The Gym

The Gym

The GYM features the latest Technogym fitness equipment recognised for its quality and is aspirational to many guests. Motorised and computer driven equipment is limited to Treadmills, Cross Trainers and Bikes.

Cable resistant equipment is also limited to a few items, including Kinesis multi-function system. Space is created for free weights, pull up bars, benches and stretch areas.

Also, part of our approach is to introduce different wellness activities that appeal to all ages and fitness levels. Yoga, Mat Pilates, Dance Fitness, Stretch Exercise and Circuit Training are but a few. And for any assistance throughout your workout journey, our personal trainer is more than happy to guide you.

Open 24-hours and exclusive to hotel guests.

60-minute personal training session | BHD 15+++

Gym Etiquette


Wipe down equipment after use and put back to place.
Since it is a common area for all our guests, it will be courteous and polite to wipe down the equipment used and to put them in their original place.

Wear appropriate clothing
Sports shoes for instance, depending on the activity (Barefoot for yoga, pilates,…). However, no sandals, slippers, and so on which could be a danger for yourself.

Be mindful of your surroundings
Gyms can be dangerous places if you are not alert and due to our limited yet practical working space, the corporation among our guests is highly appreciated so that each of you can enjoy your workout journey safely.

Be considerate of others
During peak time, please do not monopolise the equipment so that each of our guest could make the best of their time at the gym.

Towels are provided
Towels are available for your use. Please ensure to always use them efficiently.

Be discreet
‘A quick selfie to share with your friends’ No problem but please make sure that it does not invade anyone else’s gym experience and privacy.

Stay hydrated
Especially with the heat wave, it is essential to keep yourself hydrated before, during and after your gym session. Consider drinks with electrolytes to boost you up or simply some refreshing water.

Ask questions
Our personal trainer remains available for you. Please do not hesitate to request for his assistance regarding any health concerns that should be taken into consideration before starting your workout.